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What I Wrote to the Facebook Oversite Board

I called men assholes for doing asshole things.

Look I know you’re trying to do good here, however calling out a specific group for their behavior is not hate speech or bullying. The OP was men doing a thing which behaviors fall under the definition of being an Asshole.

Example: Men getting together to find ways to trick women into sex = Men being assholes.

Women getting together to trick men out of money = Woman being assholes.

It is important that we can call out behaviors in plain language so that all people can see what is happening and understand. You’ll notice, reading other comments on similar situations, that said group never denies being assholes, but rather defend their rights to be assholes at all times. Not being allowed to call out said behavior has led to many issues in the US and has set back Women’s rights including the right for women to hold jobs, get medical care, have money, and even care for their children. If in doubt, right are generally taken away by one group continuing to be assholes. In this case as in many facing our country to today it all boils down to Men Being Assholes as a group.

Example: Evangelical Men have as a group have been working for more than 40 years to remove bodily anatomy from women.

Being nice and about and not cause a fuss allowed them to get away with being assholes. You can choose violence or language. I am choosing language. Men, by in large, through out have history have been assholes. And not calling that out, hiding under polite language is the menace by which every person not a straight white male has had their rights taken away and diminished. In this case, men were being assholes. It is important for everyone to be able to hear that.

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