What is going on?

Life really.

I’ve been working on a paganism site. As a consequence, tarot reading requests are up. If you have not received yours yet, then be patient.

Also, I have a neutral light set for P5 and a Null material which I hope will be up tonight.

Action movies are becoming more and more about the device these days. Nick Cage’s films have almost no character development. Like Gone in Sixty Seconds his character was unfathomable. He had potential in National Treasure but still they relied too much on hidden history to carry the movie (which at least kept my interest). Ben Affleck is the same way. Paycheck rested solely on what the items did. Jackie Chan has more kicks than words in his movies. And what is with dumb cops following people around in action movies then helping the hero in the end. Can we please dump this cliche?


Whatever happened to Indian Jones? We know what he was afraid of, how he treated people, and what made him like he was. I miss characters like that in action films. The first mummy was good but the second toss the first movie out the window and added what the first left out from the original.

I need less candy and more substance.

I’m sure you’re saying that about my website.


Up the airy mountains, down the rushy glen, We daren’t go a-hunting for fear of little men.William Allington






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