What is it about Tarot?

I know it’s been forever and a day since I posted. I realize my daily card postings are not all they could be, but they are all they need be.

Does that make sense.

I’ve spent the last week updating the backend of such. Updating plugins and getting the site design to be fully widgetized and linked.

Much easier than the FNP site.

Now I’m back to thinking on tarot. Tarot is not a fast moving world even with the new decks and book coming out all the time.

When I was in 5th grade I worked my way through the elementary school library. There was a book on fortunetelling. My misty memory seems to remember the cover being red.

It was basically a journalistic book about this woman who talked to gypsies at fairs. I remember the part about the crystal ball, and the palm reading. The tarot part seemed mystical. The book had no pictures that I remember.

I did not get a deck until I was 12. An estranged aunt sent it to me. It was the Hanson-Roberts deck. I was hooked.

My second deck was purchased from a Las Vegas store when I was 19.

The internet was just taking off then…I had been part of BBS’s for while and had some tarot discussions through there but then I was invited to join TarotL. The rest has been history.

I’m still entranced by these magic little cards. I always will be.

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