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What it’s like to go to the Doctor in the era of Covid-19

I had to go to the doctor for a follow up. I had set the appointment a week earlier, and they assured me that everything was fine and I would be given a mask.

That’s not really what happened. TMI warning.

I was dealing with some heavy side affects from the medication. Most of which had me in and out of the shower all day. I really wanted to see the doctor. I’m tired. I was in pain. However, what I should have done was cancel the appointment.

You see, when you have chronic issues, and need on going care, you need to see the same doctor every time. When you have to see a new doctor, you start over from square one and there is usually a lot well I see you tried this but we’re going to do it again. What that gave you kidney stones?

Worse new doctors often contradict what other doctors have told you and usually pull the I’m Smart card when giving the explanation. Some times this can be great and open new avenues of wellness. Other times this sends you to the hospital. Most of the time it’s a up front seat to the gaslight parade as you’re told no one would ever tell you that.

[insert sad laugh here]

Now with Covid-19 there is an extra layer of crazy. Doctors do not have time for you. In the US a doctor visit is often governed by profit so it can take a while to find a doctor who will give the time to deal with chronic issues. But now, time is profit – Covid-19. Some could be dying because they are spending time with you. On top of that, if you medication takes time, resources, or is endorsed by crazy as a cure, you may not get it.

And they will tell you that.

Anyway that morning the office called me to let me know that my doctor had been sent to the neighboring city to help out with Covid-19 patients there. I could cancel and try to reschedule or see another doctor, who they assured me would be able to deal with all my issues just like my regular doctor.

For the reasons stated above I agreed to see the new doctor.

I spent the rest of the day working from the bathroom, hoping that this doctor would know what to do. 1/2 hour before the appoint was to start I set out to the office. My state has a fake stay at home order that no one is following but some schools, so traffic was pretty much like normal, meaning it takes about 15 min to reach the doctor’s office from where I live.

I pulled up out front and was greeted with a sign that told me to go back to my car, call a number to check in. Okay, well that would have been nice to no but no big deal I did so.

The receptionist in formed me that I need to drive to the back of the building cause that was the none covid side. The hairs on my neck started to rise but I did as she said. The day was hot and families of more than ten people were having picnics all around the building less than six feet apart. But sure, okay.

I got out of my car and waited. I was starting to overheat and finding it har to breathe. Eventually a nurse in a mask and a paper gown came out. He started his normal ask of questions here, when I started with the now usually, well the cough still hasn’t gone away.

This is where he stopped in his tracks. “You’re on the wrong side of the building,” he said. “Did you tell them you had a cough?”

“Yes,” I said. “this is a follow up for the on going issues I’m having since getting whooping cough earlier this year.”

He told me to find a mask. I told him I didn’t have one. He then told me to go to the other side of the building and he’d let me in there. I look at my car and the people covering the side of the building. I’m starting to feel contrary and upset. I walk around the side of the building and wait for him there.

He makes me wait.

I don’t know what he was doing but about 5 – 10 minutes later he comes out. I’m in pain and really have to go to the bathroom. I’m starting to cry and he takes me to put on a mask. I fumble with that and he takes me back to a room.

He then asks me about my medications. So, thinking still, this was a normal doctor’s appointment I start talking about medications. He cuts me off and tells me just to sound off as he reads me a list. Then he leaves. I cough and pee my pants.

A while later, the doctor comes in. He’s full on ready for Covid-19. Gown, face shield, mask, glasses, gloves.

It took him a minute to realize he may have wasted that equipment on me.

He did not read my chart. He did no know why I was there. So I started from the beginning. There was some back and forth but eventually he decided to go read my chart. Mostly he said how I really should have just seen my regular doctor cause he didn’t know what to do.

He came back all gear gone. First he told me he was changing my blood pressure meds based on the notes from my doctor. I asked him if there was anything I should no. Nope he said. More on that in a minute.

Then he told me to get more fiber. If you have been suffering through my eating problem posts, you know that fiber is a huge issue. I have tried taking supplements in the past but it had disastrous effects. I agreed to try them again. (starting this week after payday)

Then he told me he was going to put me on Singulair an asthma medication that he assured me would miraculously cure my cough in a mere 30 days. This medication is also prescribed for migraines. And it’s famous for causing nightmares and suicidal thoughts.

He told me to come back in two weeks to see my normal doctor. The nurse came back and the doctor told the nurse three weeks. The nurse walked me back to reception and told them one month.

The doctor had no schedule set for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19.

So I left without an appointment and a new script. I picked up my medications, took a shower, changed my clothes, and well hoped this would work.

[insert sad laugh here]

Migraines. I’m having constant headaches start out every morning as migraines. I’m freezing. The diarrhea has mostly stopped but I can’t think. My face is red and hot. I’m not resting as nightmares have really stepped up. I’ve ready been having a bought of forced move nightmares and they have gotten worse. My ears hurt like I have an infection and my period will not stop. I’m still coughing.

It is day five of the new meds.

Looking into this, I need to wait until Thursday to call back in. See if they go away. Thursday. And who knows if I will get an appointment.

My story is a good one.

The bad ones are where they tell the person they cannot have an appointment. (No, not everyone is using teledoc). Where they tell them they can’t have any medication, even if they will die without it. Where no one comes in and they go home with a copay. Where they go in and leave with Covid-19.

Look, we know medical care is broken in this country, but if we don’t highlight these issues, nothing will ever get fixed.


Everything is energy in motion.Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan





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