What to do?

Aia has gotten out of hand.

Not a day goes by in which she doesn’t melt into a screaming hissy-fit. One no is all it takes. She doesn’t wait to listen to alternatives…it’s right now.

So it stops. No more visits to popo, no movies, homework, food then bed. If she gets homework and food done before betime then she gets to clean her room. If she gets her room clean then she gets to play. I’m not expecting miracles…I fully expect to see a lot of empty tummies at night.

When we’re out (which I’m limiting) she still has to go to bed after homework and food. I’ve secured second bedrooms for the purpose. For those places that do not have such amenities I’ve been forced to demure to staying at home. Unfortunetly there are exceptions. Writer’s Meetup is one. But I think I can swing it.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what to do. I can’t just change our life to suit her whim. I have to work, she has to go to school. I’m sorry that’s the way things turned out but there is nothing I can do about it. It’s time to make her start earning her privilages.

I’ve started adding more reviews. I’ve been working on Becca‘s page as well.

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