Whatever happened to SciFi?

I went to see Star Wars last weekend. It was entertaining and fun; it had all those loose ends tied up.

Still, it was lacking.

If I had been a writer on Star Wars this is what I would have done:

In the second movie:
Cut some of the scenes with Padme and Anikin in the second movie. Add more detail for the individual Jedi as they investigate various inconsistencies in the Republic and search for the Sith lords. You should not have to read websites and various novels to get characterizations. When these guys die in the last movie you would have been in tears then.

2nd and 3rd:
Spent more time on the war. Why were they leading the troops there? Why are these battles taking place? The details on the war are very sketchy. Instead of a grand epic we are seeing a snapshot, here and there.

We know this is a tragedy, but Lucas should have showed us more of the overall tragedy to get us to care instead of just telling us.

Stop with furry cute talk. Thinks like Yoda saying, I’ll miss you too Chewbacca. Why do things like that even need to be said?

It has become a consensus that George Lucas has too many “yes” men around him. Hire me as a “No” woman. He needs it. Hell, even the actors of the first movies shaped the script with input and additions that Lucas did not allow with the current set of films.

The first movie (Phantom Menace) was good. It was an introduction; it gave the premise and the setting.

After that it seemed Lucas just rushed a bunch of scenes together to get to the ending we knew was going to happen. With a TV show in the works it makes me very frightened that the bar that flew high with LOTR will come crashing down again.

It seems a lot of Sci-Fi / Fantasy epics are coming to an end.

There isn’t much on TV…Battlestar Galatica has hope, and this summer will be heading out to network channels. Its only draw back is bad cameras…the directors really like hand held zooms. Alot. But what else? I don’t count Star Gate. It had had its network run with other even worse daytime fantasy, but it’s viewing is limited. Plus the story can only go so far. The spawns all seam cardboard cutouts of shadows.

In the movies we’ve got Harry Potter. The directorial switches finally shed light on the crap that was the first two movies that only a few seemed to get before the wonderful 3rd movie. Now with a third director, we don’t know what to expect. Eye candy? Yes. Story? Well, Maybe. The previews look like eye candy again for movie number 4. So we stick with the books which may or may not end with number 7 and 6 comes out in a month.

What else have we got? They’re giving Narnia a new try. At least 7 books right?

Serenity looks promising. The show was great and cancelled to make way for reality TV. It could get the show taken on again if it does well.

Is there anything else? TV seasons have gotten shorter and shorter over the years. Mini series might be two nights long, if that. Forget it if it starts on Fox. They drop their good shows for the newest (or in the case of American Idol the oldest) reality shows. True Calling had what, two episodes this season. And Point Pleasant had promise but disappeared among American Idol Specials.

The fantasy / sci-fi world is poised for the next new thing. Will any one deliver?

My cell phone number was apparently once assigned to the Navy Core Reserve Center of Denver, Colorado. I’ve had reserves trying to check in with me for the last few days.

I wonder if any of them are cute?

No website up yet. I’ve got to sit down and work on my list. I’m not too happy with the recipes pages. So I might change that. We’ll see.

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