When Bounce Sounds More Like Smack.

My paycheck bounced today.

I’ve heard of this happening. Now it’s happening to me.

The company says I should have called them at the bank, but I didn’t have my cell phone with me. They apparently can’t help me until I’m standing at the bank, during 8-5 pst while they are not at lunch.

That isn’t going to happen. I’m calling the supervisor back after his lunch. I didn’t get lunch, I spent it driving to and from the bank then calling around the coporate office trying to get help.

Started crying when the first person I got was a rep in training.

So I took them home, cursed and snarled until the perforations-that-weren’t forced me to gut the package like a deer carcass, and I tried out the “quietest pouch” which was indeed so whisper-silent that if I were a ninja, and I was bleeding vaginally, I would accept no other brand. Of course, were I a vaginally-bleeding ninja, I would have bigger problems to worry about. Like the fact that I would likely have forebrain-searing turquoise hair and horrifically inflated breasts.Naamah99
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2 responses to “When Bounce Sounds More Like Smack.”

  1. The Dragon Queen Avatar

    I’ve had this happen to me before. It’s never a good sign when they tell you, “Call us first” or “you should have waited till tomorrow!” – I do feel your pain on this one…

  2. Michelle Avatar

    I managed to get them to send me a wire. So I’ve got the money…I have the names every supervisor there too.

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