When things go as planned

So Eliana finally makes it to Kittersin. The Nano thing has been slow. My fault. I was reading Nikki’s journal and I’ve been facinated how her characters just decide to do their own thing from time to time. Others have simular things happen. I generally plan and plan and have no independant gumption from my characters.

So when Eliana bullied her way into the castle, I was suprised to find this woman there. Some old Elegante who has become the castle chaparone of all things. The problem is that this is another character to muck up the already straight forward rock soup of a story. And she’s family! That means trouble.

Eliana has become more old solider than I ment her to be. That is actually a good thing. Ronyn is a little more helpless but more powerful. Where Eliana is only just a little more powerful than Griselda and the Sureal do not teach their students to talk in dream, in fact they block it.

This book doesn’t have the subplot spaghetti that Without Honor has. I’m not sure which will be better, but Without Honor has to go first. Between Kingdoms makes the assuption that I don’t have to explain some things. Perhaps I should though.

I got an Ipod. They let me put “There are always cats in pants” on the back. The whole quote wouldn’t fit so I tried to get the main point across. It works for me. I spent the money on the new one. I syncs with my palm software and can do video and pics. So I’m putting some pics on their and updating my palm stuff. So cool.

The fact that now I can justify buying music at .99 is too cool.

Oh the date? Faboo.


…I have a sudden passion for the wild wood. We should be free as air in the wild wood. What say you? Shall we go?Robin Hood







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