Where Was I?

So later that night we had dinner at Asia, a upper tier restaurant in Bally’s. Good stuff…really good actually.

That was Saturday…Sunday was the Atomic Testing Museum. We came away with more spendage. I even got a little crystal mushroom cloud for my key chain. Did I mention I’m pro-nuke? That’s a whole nother post. We walked there (about a mile) to work off the breakfast at the Sterling Buffet (the champagne buffet) at Bally’s. We pretty much spent the rest of the night in the room.

I did hit Sephora to get some more Bare Minerals. Love the stuff. They do have stores in Denver…yeah!

Monday included a trip to the gun range. J. shot the tommy gun this year….I stuck with my Buck Mark. The grouping is getting better. We did the Rio’s seafood buffet for dinner. NOT worth the price…you can get the same thing plus more at any of the other buffets for a lot cheaper. That includes the Rio’s World Buffet and Paris.

Tuesday was Ka and our dinner at Joel Robuchon. Joel Robucohon was crazy expensive and strange. Did you know that sea urchin tastes like cheese? It does. And herb sorbet, white chocolate and pears only taste good if you eat them all at the same time. They gave us pound cake to take home. I got a picture of the black lacquer, pink and purple decor with the ivy garden wall too. I know we said no more extravagance after the Paris Eiffel Tower dinner last year. J. chose this place. I loved it…J. was pissed they changed the menu daily. If we stay with buffets next year, I’ll be totally fine though.

Ka is officially my favorite Cirque du Soleil. It’s told as a continuous story. It plays out on vertical stages like an anime ballet. I loved it. Bought the cd…might get it on DVD later. It even had indoor fireworks.

Wednesday we drove back with minimal stops. I have pictures to get off the cards, my computer is almost totally ready for use. I even got a painting done and some writing. Really though I mostly read Death Note and played FF3 during the down time.

No, the giant apes are riding the dinosaurs. Okay, lets just say giant lizards, cause that sounds less crazy.Pulp Quote






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