Who the Hell is the “Media Bloggers Association”?

They’re nobody.

That’s right. They don’t represent me or any other blogger I know. They are just trying to get in on the pie.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the AP stupidity of charging for fair use. Screw that. Why pay them for the privilege of not criticizing them?

Sounds like they are trying to save themselves from the internet. Dumb. What they will accomplish less use of the AP. How many news stories quote them already? Can you imagine if all those stories stopped using AP. We’ll either just paraphrase or drop them.

Not such a bad idea that…dropping the AP that is. I like Scalzi’s opinion about this:

I’m pretty comfortable with my own standard of what constitutes fair use, but if the Associated Press wants to argue with me about it, well, I suppose now they have a reason to come after me about it.

John Scalzi

Not that I think they’ll care about little old me.

Is it fair to expect Cruise to behave “normal”? When you’re surrounded by yes-men telling you that every decision you make is correct, and have the millions to prove it, how could you possibly be expected to be normal? Just ask Michael Jackson.Paige Newman


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