Why buy new pants when you can wear old pants?

The ever present question. The answer is two fold. Because I suddenly fit in old pants (yeah!) and because new ones are expensive.

Here go read this.

He puts it so well.

Food prices are climbing extremely fast. I’m trying to figure in my rising costs. But lacking in the national discussion of sinking economy and rising gas is the West. Here in Colorado we have a big threat and I believe that’s why our gas prices are still lower than many places.

We can’t not drive.

Do you fathom how bad our public transportation is? Or how not in walking distance many things are? What about the fact that were I not able to afford gas prices that I then could not work because I could not get to anything close enough for my job niche. I don’t own an suv…I have a good economical Saturn. That means that our local pt: RTD, is more expensive then maintenance and gas for my car. If I can’t afford gas for my car…how would I afford the damn bus?

Think about this: as a Colorado resident (or Arizona, or Wyoming etc…) if you could not drive can you:

  • Shop for food
  • Shop for Clothes
  • Get to Work
  • Afford utilities
  • Afford rent or mortgage

Everything else is just gravy. Debts should not be gravy.

Say the truckers stop running. Great less pollution. Bad: food becomes unavailable to most places, prices skyrocket, gas becomes unavailable, prices skyrocket, etc….see the pattern?

We have nothing in place in the U.S. to replace the truckers. We can’t undo 100 years of Railroad degradation in time to save us.

Worried about global warming? Fine…plant some trees. Can you afford them? Can you afford to water them? Later when you can’t pay Xcel for heat…at least you can chop it for fire wood.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We just can’t.

Wow, when you’re stupid, Tivo is a potpourrific grab bag of fun!Satchel Pooch



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