Wii Fit

The Wii Fit board is pretty heavy. It has a weight limit of 330lbs. I put the foot extenders on since I would be using it on carpet.

It took an hour to set up the first time. This is includes weight, BMI and balance tests. You can’t cheat this scale. 🙂

I went through all the beginning exercises pretty well…though I panting at the end of the run. The yoga stuff is all advanced…no beginner poses. It was fun and my daughter joined in on the two person jog. My shoulders are a little sore today too. You could easily add small weights to the strength training as well. Nice thing about Wii is that it requires real movements. So the hula hoop game is great if you really know how to hula hoop…you might want to practice with a real one if you don’t know how in order to play the game.

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