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Back when I belonged to the Fort Collins CUUPs, I attended one of their bi-monthly discussions. We were talking about childhood holiday memories.

So here I am, reminiscing about the snowy Decembers in which we trod out as a family and cut down the Christmas tree.

“That’s sooo unethical!”

The girl who shouted this from the darkened corner of the roomwe usually talked by candlelight was of the opinion that using wood for our own purposes was unethical. I just ignored the stupidity. Later a friend told me I should have asked her how she justifies books, houses and the chair she was sitting on. Oh well.

Wood is a big part of my life. My cat’s won’t pee on it. I have more books than…well here are half the fiction ones. That pile is four feet tall.

I don’t normally keep my books that way. I just got new floors upstairs:

That whole cat pee thing.

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