Wrestling with Demons

I’ve spent the last year in revision hell. Rewriting book one was a good choice, but understanding what I’m doing with it? Well. We can’t all be prodigies.

I think I’m finding that groove, though I still confuse the readers. Amid the pitfalls of EXPLAIN ALL THE THINGS and god we hate her…I’m finding that narrow path. However I still fall into a hole now and then. So there are a set of things I do to pull myself out of the quagmire and push forward.

Hey, I’m the writer…right?

Okay they are confused. Take careful notes of what exactly is confusing. Address those. DO NOT EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. You’re in chapter fucking 3. It’s been a whole day in story time. They can wait.

This isn’t my normal readers. These are people who don’t read this type of book. How is this helping me? Or them?

No matter how much they ask, they do not, I repeat, do not need to read it again. The issues are not significant enough to start over. Submitting the same chapters more than once, twice with major rewrite, is suicide. KEEP GOING.

Majority rules, except when they don’t. I will make this work. I will finish this story.

Okay, done melting down. This isn’t directed at anybody or any one thing, these are demons telling me I can’t. They sit in the back of my head and give me bad advice. I fight them all the time. When I code, they say I won’t get far. When I paint, they say no one will like it. When I weave, they say no one will want it.

They are wrong.

Half this game is ninety percent mental.Philadelphia Phillies manager Danny Ozark






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