Writing a Synopsis

I’m at that point that it is time send my novel out. That means that I have to write a synposis, which, by many accounts, is dreaded bane of writers.

The thing is…I kind of did this first. 

If you follow my Twitter feed, I’ve been posting updates as I have update my 15 page scene by scene outline after I revised the novel. Then I condesed it to a 6 page chapter by chapter synopsis. Finally, I condensed that to a 4 page, three act synopsis.

Now, I am afeared.

I have a one page synopsis, but is it right? Catchy enough? Will it sell?

I’m in unfamiliar territory and it has got me a little rattled. I plan to sumbit the synopsis to my critique group this week. Despite being afraid, I hope to start submitting next week. I’ve been reseaching agents and getting my ducks in a row.

Wish there was some kind of standard. Synopsis advice runs from single spaced to double, from emotionless chronological events to action packed list of emotional and logical motives.

It almost makes me dizzy. I will do the best I can and see what happens.

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