Writing Group and and JUDDDD

Well I went to the monthy writer’s group again. This time I submitted my own work. Apparently the two page limit is for instense rather than overall critique. That was better.

I submitted Temptation for their perusal. Need to work on transitions. Give more feeling to the main character. Three of the folks really liked it, the non-fiction person didn’t really like it, and the other lady liked it but didn’t understand it.

It was a really good critique and changed my mind about the group. One guy, whose opinion is vacuousI’m pretty sure that’s not a word, so let me define it for you, out of a vaccum, pissed off another guy greatly. I totally disagree with the Vacuous guy, but found it better to stear the conversation away from him rather than try to confront him. He’s not going to change his mind and I don’t have to cater too his invalidating opinions. I can’t buy the “everthing external is irrealevant” theme. You just can’t argue with that. I felt sorry for the guy who choose to step in that pile of shit.

My doctor recommended Body for Life for Women nearly a year ago and at first it was great.

But by the end of summer, I’d plateaued badly.

I have hypothyroidism. So weight loss is a constant battle for me. On BfLW I have started out lossing weight but then I plateaued and only replaced fat with muscle.

This was good and bad. When I weight 160 I was a size 18 now I’m 180 but a size 14.

I exercise 6 days a week… and I’ve had to cut down…my muscle gain has cost me…I bought ski boots in December but didnt’ get a chance to use them until late January. My calf muscles had grown so much that I did not fit in the boots anymore!

Anyway I talked to my doc during the last blood test. We agreed that the exercise part of BfLW was working well for me but the diet was not.

We talked about Judddd and she told me the number one concern with this diet was that it could mess with your metabolism but since my was kept up by the shear force of medication anyway, I had nothing to loose but weight. My thyroid is dead…all it does is take up space.

So this is day three, a down day. Saturday I did okay drinking water all day except for a small portion of oatmeal and home made flatulas for dinner (we were at a friends house).

Yesterday was good…I ate well and cut down on the snacks. I had a kosher Coca cola yesterdaymade with sugar not corn surup, it was heaven…

Today I’ve messed up. My diet drink / food of choice is Equate Weight Loss Shakes. I hadn’t had any for awhile and I forgot they were 220 cal per can.

My limit on a dd is 446. That’s two cans. eek!

So I’ve already had 1 this morning. I’m going to split my lunch one between lunch and dinner. I’ll have to do yoghurt more on dd since they are only 100 for the light version. That extra 6 cal was taken up by the nuts I just ate.


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