Writing the time away…

I suppose I should write something longer than “I’m Here” statements.

We’re at a lull in work…just a lot of little things that take no time to do.

I’ve quit Pagan Pantry. It was fun for the last year…but Paganism isn’t a food religion…there’s only so many times I can say: Be kind to those with special needs. 

My short story is still delayed.  I should here something this week.

I want to join this new critique group…but he moved it to Tuesdays…can’t do that. I’m still plugging along on the book. I got some good feedback from M.  These difficult scenes can get me.

There’s a new Book in 30 Days book…I’m looking at it but not sure yet. So far out of the three I have now… First Draft is still the best.

I’m fermenting for the the Tacticon novels and working on Worldcon gaming stuff (I’m the gaming coordinator).

The slowness at work has given me time to work on actually learning PHP instead of just tweaking it. I might use some of this on the SPadventures site I’m working on.

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