Ohayou gozaimasu! Ogenki desu ka?

One more article and I will have completed my first year at the Pagan Activist.

I am roughly 50,000 words or less from finishing my novel. Not the NaNoWriMo…I’ve finished that. Go me! But rather Without Honor. My goal for have the full finished rough draft by Dec 31st is not only possible but extremely so. I’ve solifid my motivations…I’ve got full chapters done…. It’s looking to be 50,000 more words than I thought it would be but then this novel is far bigger than others I’ve outlined or started writing.

So I’ll be doing NaNoPubYe this year…because I’m on track. My outline and synopsis have been written as I wrote the novel. Next year will be scary.

Japanese is floating along nicely. I’m going much slower than the others in the Japanese group but I feel much more confident.

What else…I’ve slacked off on my drawing a day during November. I’m still getting the house together so most video games and meditation have to wait until that’s done.

Aia isn’t on the thrilled side of going to the DR for Christmas. Sometimes she okay and even a little excited but today was one of the days she burst into tears for missing grandma and, more importantly, the presents. We should be able to remedy some of this. I point out that they have pool and the ocean…she pointed out that we should have a pool here and the ocean has sharks.


Her laptop has stopped working and her monitor is way too big for her desk so she can’t use her new computer. Grr. So I have to find a small monitor for cheap.

J. wasn’t pay attention when we talked about the space we (read: I) created downstairs. So now I have Aia’s dollhouse in a bad place and no where to put it. Time for more rearrangement.

I want to pick up embroidery again…so I’ve been working on getting my sewing stuff by the couch.

J. is being negative about the animals. Especially Whinnie who did not make it outside fast enough twice and piddled while J was trying to let her out. It’s irritating because Dagny can poop all over the house and is forgiven the next day. I’ve pointed this out but J won’t hear it. Not that Whinnie doesn’t love being outside more…she does. And I bring her in when I’m home. She’s pretty scared of J. now so she sticks next to me. No worries it only because of his yell…which can be horrendous if you’ve never heard it. Having the kennel for her and the back yard has been heaven for her. I wish J. would just get over it, but right now it’s his dog and my dog…not our dogs in his mind. And when he doesn’t think I’m looking he’s really nice to Whinnie. All his friends have the same pet minded double standards…it’s weird.

Okay, back to writing.

Things are more like they are now than they ever were before.Former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower







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