Writing Labyrinths

Story Prompt Denver Fiction Writers decided it was time for a story prompt again. My track record for this is not stellar. I’ve never completely ignored them, however, the one from a year and a half ago has turned into a novel that has not been written yet; the one from two years ago has become a novella that they’ve seen twice but still grows; and the one from this spring is still stalled.

When I picked this box (One member put a word and small item from the dollar store in each box and we all picked one.) I should have known. After all I succumbed to insomnia the night before and watched movies. One of those was Labyrinth, because, well, I’m a firm believer one should always watch Labyrinth with presented with an opportunity. As the credits rolled, I thought to myself that I should write a labyrinth themed story but everyone would connected to my love of that movie, and so, I probably shouldn’t, being that I’m not in a fan fiction mood (and haven’t been since 1995).

Then I picked this darned box. I’ve been quiet enough here, I have a lot of review posts backed up, but otherwise I’ve been working on the Between Kingdoms novel. I passed the halfway mark this week. So I let myself poke my head above water. Bad idea.

I’ve made myself carry this box around all week. Still nothing. I stare at the little labyrinth and think either David Bowie or Theseus, neither of which I really want to write about.

I’ve got a week and a half. Of course, I won’t be there for that meeting due to the Costa Rica trip. Might have to carry this with me there too if this continues.


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