Year Card: Justice

fjusticeSo the card for this year is Justice. Why?

2+0+0+9 = 11

And I prefer Justice in the 11 position.

I don’t have the hubris to know who’s justice it’ll be or if overall the scales will balance out.  This will be an interesting year.

My own resolutions are simple:  get things done.  Study Japanese, write words, read, paint and get some pagan study done.  I want to do another Hallowquest.  The time for that draws near.  I have the BOTA to work on, and I’m putting myself through a Wicca 101 course.  Why because I can and because its a good way to explore various things.  It’s been nearly ten years since I went through a year and day initiate training, which I completed then walked away from instead of joing the coven.  Something tells me to do it again.  I don’t have any illusions, I’m not going to suddenly become Wiccan nor join a coven.   But in the past several years my life in paganism has dwindled.  I officially have room to work again…time to use it.

I think a year of Justice is a good time to re-center oneself…don’t you?

Writers are not considered part of the larger ecosystem. Creativity and art are afforded little value in today’s corporate culture. It’s a lie, of course writers are everywhere. Our work is ever-present yet our role remains unconsidered. The written word is a powerful support structure, and it’s everywhere you look. Magazines, billboards, instruction manuals, marketing copy, and, oh, I dunno, the entire Internet. Nearly everything begins with the written word, and yet, despite this significant contribution, writers and other creatives exist as a marginalized group. Further, our support system is eroding.Chuck Wendig



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