Yearly Forcast 2002

S. Blank/Bull (r)
This is so me right now, I need to calm down, get to work.

Pile One: Nine of Pentacles (r), King of pentacles (r), King of cups, Three of rods, Knight of swords (r), nine of cups
November 2002
I’m going to deal with people that I like and those I don’t like this month, it will be hard but in the end I will triumph(nanowrimo?)

Pile Two: Ten of swords, Six of Rods(r), Three of cups(r), Queen of pentacles, Queen of rods, The star(r)
December 2002
Things don’t look so good here either, misfortune, helping hands but unable to accept? What will I loose?

Pile Three: The Emperor, The Moon (r), King of Rods(r), Seven of Swords(r), Death, The Hanged Man
January 2003
Worrys about our governement and my story seem to parallel…problems at work and a big change, but with the hanged man it looks like I’m going to take it.

Pile Four: Knight of Pentacles(r), Two of Rods, Wheel of Fortune(r), The Hierophant(r), Queen of Swords
February 2003
I’m going to run into trouble with some one, but job looks good. Change again, a big one! But a bad one? It’ll look good at first but later? tough on me or someone else?

Pile Five: Page of Rods(r), Six of Swords, Seven of Rods(r), Judgement(r), Two of Pentacles(r), Three of Swords, Five of Swords(extra?)
March 2003
Hrm, another problem person, A long way to go and indecision? What will I be faced with? And I will decide wrong? Boy I hope this isn’t life changing. I will try had and fail or will I succeed and hate it? Looks bad, alone again(still). Then Faliure? That is the extra card..for soem reason there was seven in the pile.

Pile Six: The High Priestess, Eight of Cups(r), Three of Pentacles, Four of Rods, Ten of Pentacles, Page of Swords(r)
April 2003
Some help, a teacher…Abandoning a way of life, opportunity in business and art, Success! Wealth, more success? And someone will hate me for it.

Pile Seven: Ace of Pentacles(r), Seven of Cups, Nine of Swords, King of Swords(r), The Hermit, Page of Cups(r)
May 2003
Will I feel cheated, or will the person that hates me. Don’t spread myself thin, limit choices, could be a pitfall. A big worry, part of the warning? That person who hates me will get help. Take the warning, plan ahead. That person again….

Pile Eight: The Fool(r), Two of Cups(r), Knight of Rods(r), Six of Pentacles, The World(r), The Lovers
June 2003
A recklass action? A fight? That person again, Then a gift…my own help? A new start…dissapointment? But a way will present itself if I watch.

Pile Nine: Eight of Rods, Five of Pentacles, Ten of Rods, Queen of Cups, Four of Pentacles(r), Ace of Cups(r)
July 2003
Things start to move fast, threat of loss of money, forced to work extra hard to keep what I have. Help again? But another snag…Then about to give up?

Pile Ten: Six of Cups, Four of Swords(r), Five of Cups, The Devil(r), The Chariot(r), The Tower
August 2003
Stephanies wedding..happy! Will depress the hell out of me though. Yep still depressed, I’ll feel beat on, dwell on old things, will something go wrong because of it? I’m going to blow up at someone…another fight…a falling out?

Pile Eleven: Eight of Pentacles(r), Temperance, Knight of Cups(r), Four of Cups, Nine of Rods, Page of Pentacles
September 2003
Lying…but will work through it. Will face the person. Just toss them aside with disgust? Then I will be secure? Saving up?

Pile Twelve: Five of Rods(r), Eight of Swords(r), Two of Swords(r), Ace of Swords, The empress, Strength(r)
October 2003
Competition? But free from it soon to what, more problems? But I’ll get a new beginning here, Sexuality, wealth? And another defeat?

Overall Card: Ten of Cups
Trust in my family, there in lies the answers I think.

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Outline: Dreamfire
There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad.Salvador Dali






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