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For those of you that asked for a reading in December, and January So Far:

I’ve been flooded with Reading Requests over the last month. Please be patient, I will get to you.

If you show up and the page looks broken:

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Our first session on the four worlds was amazing. Though we had trouble coming up with kings. Well I did.

Yod: World of Emmenation Fire

He (or Vah): World of Creation Air

Vah (or He): World of Formation Water

He: World of Manifestation Earth

I’m not sure why this associations exist other than to force Christ into this mold.

Permutations of the Tetragrammatron. In Hebrew this is a verb conjugation. In Tarot this is the wheel in the readings a la Mary K. Greer. You get a new perspective and a meaning…time is circular.

Yod: Emperor. Wands. This doesn’t fit most decks…not even kabbalah ones.

I’m not sure how this helps. We still have three more sessions.

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