We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant,gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’

Actually, who are you not to be?

A Colorado transplant to Washington, I’ve occupied a little corner of the Web Development space since 1995. I’ve had a whole spate of jobs where I did some variation of secretary/reception/call center AND built apps for note taking, sales data, sales person management, AND built/maintained company websites. I’ve been the web master of nonprofits, corporations, and small business organizations. In 2015 I became a full time email developer working on clients in Tech, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment,Financial, Pharma, Non-Profits and more. Today, I’m a Solutions Architect. I tinker in code, dabble in paint, carve out worlds, pound out words, cast spells, and save a universe or two.


  • A Year of Silence (and broken websites)

    A Year of Silence (and broken websites)

    I didn’t think I would be spending a year trying to fix a website, and yet, here we are. Settle in; this is a long one. At the beginning of 2023, I was still hip-deep in unpacking from my move. Honestly, I was overwhelmed, and while I tried to enter the Portland/Vancouver scene, I found…

  • Happiness, Loneliness, Sharing

    Happiness, Loneliness, Sharing

    I am mostly alone. That’s not fully true. My dogs are here. I talk with and visit friends all the time. Life is just a quiet stillness for me. And realizations. Realizations that I am happy. I don’t need anyone to make me happy. Dating has not gone well. At this age who is left…

  • 2022 – Dogs, Streams, Moving, and Health

    2022 – Dogs, Streams, Moving, and Health

    The thing about having three dogs is that every morning, in order to get outside, you’ve got to chase them around, get them dressed get their harnesses on. Then you can go outside. Wait no. You need baggies and treats. Oh, it’s raining put on rain jackets. Gir took off his shoes. Put them back…

  • Weekly Log

    Weekly Log

    Monday: Hey I put up a blog post. Got my latest Minecraft stream to YouTube. Dishes are out of hand again. Weight 205. Duex Max adhesives failed, which sucks cause I love the monitor. Got next Saturday’s video done. I have a full log of art videos in the backlog. I should make some tarot…

  • Creating a Fantasy World – Writing Things Down

    Creating a Fantasy World – Writing Things Down

    This isn’t about world building as an end goal. I’m not planning a game system, languages or anything of that type. I’m reverse engineering a world which I’ve had a clear picture in my mind for twenty years. And it’s hard. It’s so easy to just write and let your world get away from you.…

  • What I Wrote to the Facebook Oversite Board

    What I Wrote to the Facebook Oversite Board

    I called men assholes for doing asshole things. Look I know you’re trying to do good here, however calling out a specific group for their behavior is not hate speech or bullying. The OP was men doing a thing which behaviors fall under the definition of being an Asshole. Example: Men getting together to find…

  • Sigh… Art, Writing, Screwing Up Blog Posts

    Sigh… Art, Writing, Screwing Up Blog Posts

    Needing to create has brought me here. I’m arting fairly often. At least 2 – 3 projects a week. Practice in between. My writing is still stalled. Kinda. Kinda. I’m working on getting my world into World Anvil. And I’m trying to organize my thoughts. It’s hard. My thoughts have scattered like so many pieces…

  • Traveling Further into the Pacific Northwest

    Traveling Further into the Pacific Northwest

    I took a long weekend over Easter and went to stay in Vancouer, Wa. I drove up through Oregon. My trip good me through desert, wintery mountains, gorgeous woods, and the expansive sea. I wasn’t prepared for the size of the trees and their number. The flyover highways in Portland and how sudden you realize…

  • Loosing the Will to Write

    Loosing the Will to Write

    It’s hard thing to admit my identity is not so secure. Something that the idea of me has been wrapped up in since the last day of 8th grade. It’s hard to admit it that I haven’t been writing. We’re in year two of that fact. It’s not that I don’t want to. I think…

  • Accidents & Trees – Bob Ross Painting

    Accidents & Trees – Bob Ross Painting

    In my effort to clean up old things, I have all this craft paint which I’m not using that fast for mini painting. I decided this year to get rid of it… by using it up. What better way than following Bob Rose videos. I’m up to ep 8 in season 1. It hasn’t been…